Champion Rotation


the Nine-Tailed Fox
Armor:20.88(+3.5 per level)
Health:514.4 (+80 per level)
Magic Resist:30 (+0 per level)
Health Regen:6.505 (+0.6 per level)
Attack Damage:53.04 (+3 per level)
MP:334 (+50 per level)
Attack Speed:0.668 (+2% per level)
MP Regen:6 (+0.8 per level)


Essence Theft

Essence Theft

Gains a charge of Essence Theft whenever a spell hits an enemy (max: 3 charges per spell). Upon reaching 9 charges, Ahri's next spell heals her whenever it hits an enemy.
Orb of Deception

Orb of Deception

Cost: 65/70/75/80/85 ManaCooldown: 7 secondsRange: 880
Deals 40/65/90/115/140 (+35% Ability Power) magic damage on the way out, and 40/65/90/115/140 (+35% Ability Power) true damage on the way back.

Ahri gains movement speed that decays while her orb is traveling.


Cost: 50 ManaCooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 secondsRange: 700
Releases three fox-fires that lock on to nearby enemies (prioritizes Champions) dealing 40/65/90/115/140 (+40% Ability Power) magic damage.

Enemies hit with multiple fox-fires take 30% damage from each additional fox-fire beyond the first, for a maximum of 0 damage to a single enemy.


Cost: 85 ManaCooldown: 12 secondsRange: 975
Blows a kiss dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+50% Ability Power) magic damage and charms an enemy causing them to walk harmlessly towards Ahri for 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2 second(s).
Spirit Rush

Spirit Rush

Cost: 100 ManaCooldown: 110/95/80 secondsRange: 450
Nimbly dashes forward firing 3 essence bolts at nearby enemies (prioritizes Champions) dealing 70/110/150 (+30% Ability Power) magic damage. Can be cast up to three times within 10 seconds before going on cooldown.

Tips for Allies

  • Use Charm to set up your combos, it will make landing Orb of Deception and Fox-Fire dramatically easier.
  • Initiate team fights using Charm, and chase down stragglers with Spirit Rush.
  • Spirit Rush enables Ahri's abilities, it opens up paths for Charm, helps double hitting with Orb of Deception, and closes to make use of Fox-Fire.

Tips for Enemies

  • Ahri's survivability is dramatically reduced when her Ultimate, Spirit Rush, is down.
  • Stay behind minions to make Charm difficult to land, this will reduce Ahri's damage potential significantly.


Unlike other foxes that roamed the woods of southern Ionia, Ahri had always felt a strange connection to the magical world around her; a connection that was somehow incomplete. Deep inside, she felt the skin she had been born into was an ill fit for her and dreamt of one day becoming human. Her goal seemed forever out of reach, until she happened upon the wake of a human battle. It was a grisly scene, the land obscured by the forms of wounded and dying soldiers. She felt drawn to one: a robed man encircled by a waning field of magic, his life quickly slipping away. She approached him and something deep inside of her triggered, reaching out to the man in a way she couldn't understand. His life essence poured into her, carried on invisible strands of magic. The sensation was intoxicating and overwhelming. As her reverie faded, she was delighted to discover that she had changed. Her sleek white fur had receded and her body was long and lithe - the shape of the humans who lay scattered about her.

However, though she appeared human, she knew that in truth the transformation was incomplete. A cunning creature, she adapted herself to the customs of human society and used her profound gift of beauty to attract unsuspecting men. She could consume their life essences when they were under the spell of her seductive charms. Feeding on their desires brought her closer to her dream, but as she took more lives, a strange sense of regret began to well within her. She had reservations about actions which never troubled her as a fox. She realized that she could not overcome the pangs of her evolving morality. In search of a solution, Ahri found the Institute of War, home of the most gifted mages on Runeterra. They offered her a chance to attain her humanity without further harm through service in the League of Legends.

''Mercy is a human luxury... and responsibility.''
-- Ahri