Champion Rotation


the Void Burrower
Armor:24(+3.4 per level)
Health:570 (+90 per level)
Magic Resist:32.1 (+1.25 per level)
Health Regen:7.34 (+0.65 per level)
Attack Damage:55.628 (+3.35 per level)
Battlefury:100 (+0 per level)
Attack Speed:0.625 (+2% per level)
Battlefury Regen:0 (+0 per level)


Fury of the Xer'Sai

Fury of the Xer'Sai

While unburrowed Rek'Sai generates Fury with her basic attacks and spells. When burrowed Rek'Sai consumes Fury to heal herself.
Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker

Queen's Wrath / Prey Seeker

Cost: No CostCooldown: 4 secondsRange: 325
Un-Burrowed: Rek'Sai's next 3 basic attacks within 5 seconds deal 15/25/35/45/55 (+20% Bonus Attack Damage) bonus Physical Damage to nearby enemies.

Burrowed: Rek'Sai launches a burst of void-charged earth that explodes on first enemy hit, dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+70% Ability Power) Magic Damage and revealing non-stealthed enemies for 2.5 seconds.
Burrow / Un-burrow

Burrow / Un-burrow

Cost: No CostCooldown: 4 secondsRange: 1650
Un-Burrowed: Burrow into the ground.

Burrowed: Un-burrow, dealing 40/80/120/160/200 (+40% Bonus Attack Damage) Physical Damage and knocking up nearby enemies for up to 1 second based on their proximity to Rek'Sai. A unit cannot be hit by Un-burrow more than once every 10/9.5/9/8.5/8 seconds.

Burrowed Effects: New abilities, + 0 Movement Speed, reduced vision range, disabled basic attacks, and gains Tremor Sense: Nearby enemies that move in Fog of War have their position revealed to Rek'Sai and her allies.
Furious Bite / Tunnel

Furious Bite / Tunnel

Cost: No CostCooldown: 12 secondsRange: 250
Un-Burrowed: Rek'Sai bites a target dealing 0 Physical Damage, increasing by up to 100% at maximum Fury. Deals True Damage if Rek'Sai has 100 Fury.

Maximum Damage: 0

Burrowed: Rek'Sai tunnels forward leaving two connected Tunnel Entrances. Clicking a Tunnel Entrance will make Rek'Sai dive to the other entrance.

Tunnel Entrances last for 10 minutes and can be destroyed by enemies. Rek'Sai may have 8 tunnels at one time. Tunnels have a 10/9/8/7/6 second cooldown on use.
Void Rush

Void Rush

Cost: No CostCooldown: 180/140/100 secondsRange: 25000
Passive: Grants 20/40/60% Attack Speed.

Active: After channeling for 1.5 seconds, Rek'Sai becomes untargetable and travels to target Tunnel Entrance. Taking damage from a champion or tower will interrupt the channel.

Tips for Allies

  • Keeping tunnels spread out across the map will ensure you have choices when you want to cast Void Rush.
  • Cast Burrow before travelling around the map to take advantage of the increased Movement Speed and the safety provided by Tremor Sense.
  • Tremor Sense can warn you of enemies closing in, and is particularly useful when entering enemy territory.

Tips for Enemies

  • If you see one of Rek'Sai's tunnels, briefly stand on one of the entrances to destroy it.
  • Rek'Sai's Furious Bite gains damage as she builds Fury. Be very careful around her when her Fury is full.
  • When Rek'Sai is near, she can see the position of you and your allies, but only if you're moving.


The largest and fiercest of her species, Rek'Sai is a merciless predator that tunnels through the earth to ambush and devour her prey. Her insatiable hunger has laid waste to entire regions of the once-great Shuriman empire. Merchants, traders and armed caravans will go hundreds of miles out of their way to avoid these vast areas, though cunning bandits have been known to lure the unwary into her killing grounds. Once Rek'Sai detects you, your fate is sealed. There is no hope of escape; she is death from below the sand.