Champion Rotation


the Monkey King
Armor:24.88(+3.5 per level)
Health:577.8 (+85 per level)
Magic Resist:32.1 (+1.25 per level)
Health Regen:6.19 (+0.65 per level)
Attack Damage:59.876 (+3.2 per level)
MP:265.84 (+38 per level)
Attack Speed:0.658 (+3% per level)
MP Regen:8.04 (+0.65 per level)


Stone Skin

Stone Skin

Increases Wukong's Armor and Magic Resist for each nearby enemy champion.
Crushing Blow

Crushing Blow

Cost: 40 ManaCooldown: 9/8/7/6/5 secondsRange: 650
Wukong's next attack gains 125 range, deals 30/60/90/120/150 (+10% Attack Damage) bonus physical damage and reduces the enemy's Armor by 10/15/20/25/30% for 3 seconds.


Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 ManaCooldown: 18/16/14/12/10 secondsRange: 325
Wukong becomes Invisibile for 1.5 seconds, leaving behind a decoy that will deal 70/115/160/205/250 (+60% Ability Power) Magic Damage to enemies near it after 1.5 seconds.

Stealth - Invisible: Wukong can only be revealed by nearby enemy Turrets.
Nimbus Strike

Nimbus Strike

Cost: 45/50/55/60/65 ManaCooldown: 8 secondsRange: 650
Wukong dashes to target enemy and sends out images to attack up to 2 additional enemies nearby. Each enemy struck takes 60/105/150/195/240 (+80% Bonus Attack Damage) physical damage. Wukong then gains 30/35/40/45/50% Attack Speed for 4 seconds.


Cost: 100 ManaCooldown: 120/105/90 secondsRange: 315
Wukong's staff grows outward and he spins it around for 4 seconds, dealing 20/110/200 (+110% Attack Damage) physical damage per second to nearby enemies, knocking them up for 1 second the first time they get hit.

At the start, Wukong gains 15% Movement Speed, and he gains an additional 10% per second over the duration.

Tips for Allies

  • Decoy and Nimbus Strike work well together to quickly strike your enemy and get out before they can retaliate.
  • Try using Decoy near brush to make an enemy overreact to your movement.

Tips for Enemies

  • Wukong will often use Decoy after Nimbus Strike. Try delaying your abilities by a short amount of time to ensure that you're hitting the real Wukong.
  • Wukong becomes tougher to kill when surrounded by his enemies. Try to isolate him to gain an advantage.


During the chaos of the Rune Wars, an enormous runestone was lost deep within the Plague Jungles. It remained there, untouched for centuries, emanating a potent magic which infused nearby wildlife with sentience and vitality. A group of monkeys who were particularly empowered by it came to worship the stone, and their leader - a wise sage - became convinced that he could harness its power to make the monkeys immortal. He performed an elaborate ritual, but things didn't go as he expected. The runestone was destroyed, and instead of granting immortality, it produced Kong, a monkey who carried in his heart the strength and power it had contained. Kong was driven by an unquenchable desire for greatness. He sought out every beast and monster the Plague Jungles could offer, eager to find a worthy opponent, but none offered the challenge he craved. He asked the sage for advice, and learned about a legend of hairless monkeys to the north who, with wits and might, had bent the world to their will.

Kong left, journeying north, determined to discover if the legend was true. He crossed the Southern Wastes and then the Great Barrier. On his way, he happened upon Master Yi, who was deep in meditation. Kong asked him who the strongest warrior in the north was, and Yi told him about the League of Legends. The tale intoxicated Kong, a place where he could battle the strongest fighters in the world was, to him, paradise. Kong asked Yi to introduce him to this League, and to teach him the ways of humans, so that he could be a fitting champion. In return, he would honor Yi by using Yi's Wuju style to become the greatest warrior Runeterra had ever seen. Admiring his passion, Yi agreed, but under the condition that Kong would one day teach the lessons of Wuju to a pupil of his own. In the spirit of this agreement, he renamed Kong ''Wukong,'' and gave him a weapon suited to his unusual nature - an enchanted staff that the young Doran had crafted. The weapon was an unrivalled masterpiece. Guided by Yi, Wukong joined the League of Legends to prove himself as the best, and to show the world the true power of Wuju.

''Only in combat do you learn who you truly are.''
-- Wukong